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Let me show you how to differentiate between a good billiard cue stick and a bad billiard cue stick. Seen any billiards table around in a billiard parlor, if you do, place an object ball in the middle of the billiards table and a cue ball on the headstring. Now use the billiard cue stick you are going to test and do a straight shot with controlled strength so that when you hit the object ball with the cue ball, the object ball barely drops into the pocket. Important note: when you strike the cue ball, remember the feel and the sound of it. Next place the object ball and cue ball back to their original position again. Now do another straight shot again, but with strength of a breaking shot, and remember the feel and sound again.

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  Billiard Cue Stick Buying Guide

There are a number of things to know when shopping for a billiard cue stick . The number one thing you need to know is of course yourself, you need to determine which skill level you are in.

For beginners, a good range to start will be from $50 to $150. Do not go lower than that. Ultra cheap billiard cue stick do have problems, like the straightness of the billiard cue stick may be compromised, or the finishing is lousy. And you can forget about durability.

For intermediate to advance players, you should consider billiard cue stick ranging from $200 and above. You have to be knowledgeable somehow, because a big part of the cost you are paying for are for the wrapping, designs and ornaments on the billiard cue butt. As professional players tend to go for light billiard cue stick nowadays, the average weight of a billiard cue stick can range from 18 - 21 ounces.

Break cues are billiard cue stick you may consider buying sonmetime down the road. As breaking can shorten the lifespan of your billiard cue stick. So if you have a break cue to do the job, it will help minimise the wear and tear of you billiard cue stick.

Wood cues, Graphite cues and Fiberglass billiard cue stick, which one is the right one for you? Of course, if you are a beginner, this question will not bother you. Overall, wood billiard cue stick are better, as they give you a better feel than graphite or fiberglass. But having said all this, wood billiard cue stick need more maintainence as wood billiard cue stick are subjected to dents and moisture.



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Quality Billiard Equipment affects the level of play
Very few games in the world really depends very much on the quality of the equipments. Not just of the skills and experience of the billiard player but a slight flaw of the billiard cue may decide the fate of the billiard game.

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To all Weight Watchers PAY ATTENTION:

An hour of pool or billiards will burn a whopping 148 calories! and if you think that billiards or pool are not a sport, think again! It will be on the Olympics soon, Play on...

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